I’m a Pakistani/Swedish independent music producer, business major and digital media producer who moved to Sweden for higher education. Despite of getting the best degrees from the top Universities of Sweden I could not find my place in the companies and they kept refusing my applications. I suffered for ten years looking for jobs related to my studies and at the same time I worked with something totally irrelevant to what I wanted in life. Once I decided to explore some educational material and talk to some wise people to start my audiovisual journey but I stopped, then I started again to do some experiments with what’s available to complete some ‘DIY projects’ with one person team, almost no budget and terrible opportunities. So far,  I have just grabbed my shoes to wear, before I take a walk to real road. I want to manage multiple tasks in creative department of a business with resources, my real work will start then.

As I educated myself in business, I kept travelling and fell in love with the art of biggest artist. I freelance, and I am still available as a freelance marketing and creative lead, event manager/organiser, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, campaign manager, marketing and business adviser for EU/Asia markets, e-commerce manager, VFX supervisor, sound production and recording, music production, soundtracks, background music, location scout, etc.

From core I am a true creative entrepreneur who likes to talk about possibilities and stay optimistic, my mind always trust the artistic instincts though.  Moving abroad changed the way I look at life but I am keen to learn more and keep travelling. One day I will dedicate my work to some place with an environment where I can be productive and creative in the right direction. I like to discuss businesses with narrow focus on design, development and marketing.

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