3D Vintage car 2 – Modelling, Sculpting and Assigning Material

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It’s been a busy week. I’ve been working on different ideas and also I played at one of the student’s nation here in my town. My expectations were not high because I was under impression that this generation won’t accept a change since as far as I have experienced, student clubs only play commercial music and repeat the same playlists for years . But I was wrong, the crowd was amazing and people were enjoying Electro Swing so much, the mixer was pretty old and it was messing up one channel so one track was going fine but other one was muddy until I figured out a way to fix, overall I was happy with this gig. My night time job is driving me crazy now a days, I can’t focus on my upcoming projects but somehow I managed to finish the vintage car modelling. They say pros take only one day to make a 3D model, well for me it took around a week to complete,  the last time I was using a 3D modelling software was in 1999 and I remember my dad asked me ‘why are you spending so much time on this, it won’t bring you any money. I don’t blame him because back in home people consider their kids to be doctor, engineer or lawer. Everything else is useless.
Well my friend said to me the other day ‘hey bro, why don’t you just hire someone to make this model. I was like ‘you don’t get it, do you? it’s not about getting it done, it’s about all the process that makes you happy and satisfied’. Now I can say this is 100% DIY project and I made this car :) well at least I can drive it in the upcoming music video. The concept behind this music video is to make it look like a comic. Of course I’m inspired by Sin City  ‘one of my favourites’ but I want to use a unique approach and try to tell my story in my way. The pictures below are screen grabs from video clips. I did not have time to create the atmosphere and environment but a perfect setting for this scene will be back alley with some trash cans, a cat and some papers flying here and there. Also I think the road under car must look a bit shiny to give reflection. Couple of lamps will be the source of light and I’ll put some smoke right under the spot light. Well for this sort of project I can’t rely on anyone else so I have to play the character, the storyline is pretty simple but gives a huge message.

2077834_orig 3448877_orig 3490116_orig 2975060_orig

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