Continues Innovation Within Model: GTAV Online new DLC

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Continues Innovation Within Model: GTAV Online new DLC

The innovator behind GTAV won’t stop injecting this game with a new life. Every time a DLC drops, no matter where I’m..they get my attention. GTAV’s new DLC got hover car, underwater car and bunch of crazy updates to keep gamers busy even after four years after release date. 2013’s release from Rockstar Games got a great grip on innovating within the model to keep their product exciting and new.

I will be streaming my gameplays again, I like to not only enjoy the game as a students to the audiovisual jazz, but I also love to notice tiny points where a company presents strengths and weaknesses. So far GTAV is an ultimate entertainment for me, but I’ve been addict to it for a while. Now I’m paying my plus membership until I get to a better environment to play again. When I think about time management as an adult, I really think people can waste their time anyways…there are a million ways to do so, but for me as a visual hunter..I enjoy this game and love to learn from it as an entrepreneur too.

I will only stream when something interesting happens, lately I have noticed that my videos are too long and got so many pauses :)..I do other things and then get back to the game. But now I’m thinking to just release videos like new stuff and missions.

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