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I started feeling this broken relationship with books when I found out that my connection with the words and methods digested in school were not staying longer in the system. But then what was I really digesting? I was interested in tech, internet and media. I listened a lot of music and explored worldwide music while studying and later working. Then I moved to Sweden for higher education and got my masters in finance with great grades and a thesis that I worked alone on. My good friend from India asked to join me back in thesis after he left for party in Ibiza. I did not pick the topic but I went through the rabbit hole and completed thesis on time. Later I continued studying more courses in business administration until I found a place in entrepreneurship degree at Lund University. I was the worst student in class this time :) I was very interested in entrepreneurship but the boost I got from just for being in a course like this took me very fast on a trip to organise awesome events and make hundreds of international friends who till this day will reference me as a great organiser and friend. But I lost connection with studies and I was already working nights and making extra money during the day working on different projects.

My elder brother got a job right after his masters degree here in Sweden, and that was one of the driving forces to bring me here years ago. But his story was different, he got his job as a researcher in same university and then he’s been having a great time. Now he’s working and completing PhD at Technical University of Denmark. My elder sister went far as a researcher in Psychology and she is head of the department and university and running her own private clinic. With me things went differently, I came for MSc Finance and got really bored during studies and started working to support myself in Sweden after my studies. My dad used to tell me story about how far was his school and how difficult was to bike or walk till there. I live in a place where comfort can be your best enemy. Sweden is awesome for living standards and a lot of other things but a lot of people are being a total waste here because of narrow but sharp sight of  recruiters. Talent is being hunted I know, I see Pakistani guys like me with great jobs here but when I dig in, they took a different hustle. They got work because they were in demand.

I refused to accept that I was good in research and went rebel against classic theories when I join the entrepreneurship program at Lund University. The program was great when it was practical but I took the flame and turned it in a fire. I got unacceptable grades as a student but in real world as an entrepreneur I was having a party. By the time I was about to be successful entrepreneur I had to write a thesis and present a business model. First of all, there were some confusions about thesis in class but I won’t take that as an excuse. I was not happy with how teamwork happened in this class. I know diversity and openness is stamped on every single presentation from companies and institutes here but when it was time to let the team thingy happen, mingling and other gatherings did not do a lot. Brainstorming is not anymore a way to generate ideas and I’m afraid to say, theories and practices need an urgent upgrade. I drifted through masters program but later when I presented same business model to ALMI  I received a grant to complete the project.

I believe that all of the practical work during Entrepreneurship course was great and I participated in them with full interest but my passion in studies raised later on when with my own research and practice I found how interesting it can be to become and researcher in field of entrepreneurship and innovation. I’m interested in joining a research team or proposing my own research topics, . When I will write a research paper, my hunger for being curious will get perfectly fed on time. I will play with numbers, graphics and practical skills to become a great asset for any institute.

Student magazine in Lund covered me couple of times and also something about me was told in Kommun, more about me being an immigrant  entrepreneur spirit though :) Well those are not achievements. Achievement is to sell events, help dozens of small businesses with advice and if you think I’m messing with you..sit with me, talk to me about your business idea and I will shatter your dreams before you even hit the market, or I will give you a couple of advises. You can talk about your research project by the way, I will appreciate it..only if I’m interested and you are getting paid for the research.

Well I’m pretty sincere with my words here, I know my words can be harsh but if in this age I choose to refuse perusing more education in film. I made a u-turn before my flight to Sydney and planned to dedicate time and effort to be Swedish :) since now I am a citizen. I am improving my Swedish, getting my license and sometimes I get angry and write recruiters to challenge their hired gun from my side :) that happened in field of graphic designing and digital marketing but now in academia I won’t do it :) Let’s see how the recruiters are here. Thousands of Indians, Pakistani and Bangladeshi students are researcher and academics in Sweden, they are hardworking and intelligent.

Last but not least argument here is how I see myself being an exceptional PhD student? After my first thesis, reading became a fun quick job for me. I enjoy articles that include informative graphics and deal with innovation, design and tech. For me the design of paper and illustrations should keep the reader entertained and interested. My writing (not the one here) improved by taking dozens of advanced level courses and helping out my family members and friends with their projects, assignments and thesis. I am soon planning to bring back my writing and research skills by finding a platform to write. I will blog post if I did. I gave speeches, lectures and presentations in various environments. I’m fearless in front of crowd only when my homework is done :)

Well here we go, another blog post.

Yeah and for my birthday I bought myself a couple of things and had my own fun time applying for jobs :)

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