Sneak Peek: Action Figure Photography

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WOW Action Figure Photo by Azee.Farooq

I recently started Miniature Photography Series on my 500px page. I also happen to have a collection of action figure photos, I will post them after I complete all photos from Miniature series. I really admire the amount of work done to make these figures look so good, I am sold to any art-form with such details. I am keen to get in contact with people who own some of the best action figures, my personal wish-list got Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid game and The Hunter from Bloodborne. But for now I have some characters from World Of Warcraft (WOW).

Check my website or follow me on 500px to watch these photos first. My hands been itching to draw some concepts and illustrations but unfortunately I don’t have a drawing pad, I used to be outstanding with drawing characters. I still draw by hand but scan it to work, that’s the old school way, but one day I will unleash my bizarre concepts to this world. Whether a demon from my dreams or a situation untold, I will present my thoughts one day.

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