Artist Share: Concept Artist Are The Greatest Innovators of Our Times- Jakub Różalski from Poland Paints his Thoughts

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I would like to introduce Gunter's personal mech - Brunhilde smiley 
Gunter with his wolves, Nacht & Tag, with a ‘friendly’ visit an old friend,

Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big. Peter Diamandis

Well, well, well….what we got here? You are right! Some bizarre concepts about the world as we perceive. No! we were not concious of  so many things around us. Who will think in old days to have a GPS voice service guiding us towards our destination. Yeah I know I’m getting out of an article post limitation every time and that’s why I should start a Podcast soon. By the way I love Joe Rogan Podcast so much and I’m still wearing my headphones after my work to finish this episode with some country music artist with a hilarious song (it is funny and great).

So the concept artist Jakub Różalski‘s work caught my eye when I was looking for some concept art and artist for my upcoming music video. I’m going to level up with my style, I make music with machine’s sound…futuristic…gritty…apocalyptic and  bizarre mindset. I don’t know if I put everything on my mind in my compositions or not because everything on my mind is too dark and today’s music scene only likes fancy faces. But I’m an entrepreneur so I will try to keep both sides of me in music and approach my goals. So for this music video I’ll be going to an abandoned building but this time I will make it look like 2050, I will use highly skilled people like Jakub here to reach my goals and invest all of me in this.

Oh by the way my music video will have some crazy things in it but I will do my research to do only POSSIBLE things, because being in Sweden I know fantasy is not everyone’s favourite genre.

Pay Close Attention to Title and Caption. Take your time to Digest the Concept in your brain. If you don’t get it then leave this page, you are not in to innovation or dreams. I only have some of my favourites here.

You can click on Photo to enlarge and use keyboard to continue 😉 If you like my shares then you can link my page and this post specifically to help this amazing artist.

Links to Artist: Twitter | Facebook | ArtStation 

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