Do not miss upcoming Tinariwen and Bombino Shows.

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Let’s say like a lot of my other decade long projects I wanted to bring foreigner artists to Sweden and create a show for them. Well I like books I have studied musicians and listened a lot of music. So I got in touch with managers of Bombino and Tinariwen. Super nice guys and very supportive. Unfortunately I’m moving from Sweden soon and want to carry my mission somewhere warm and dreamy. I want to ride a motorcycle under the sun while studying film and writing a film script :). So I suggested some venues and now I won’t be even able to attend the show. My love for “music’s true rebels” Tinariwen is still there but I really love Bombino and Tamikrest.Tuareg people posses a very unique style to play with music. I love this style because I was born in Libya and I used to listen similar music in events. Anyway, if you are nearby then go watch them live. I have a link here for music rebels Tinariwen playing Copenhagen. These people won grammy awards and I have an old post with more details. I do not have a confirmation about Bombino yet but let’s see :)


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