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There’s so much to be said about “entrepreneurship opportunities” in Sweden, but this country will kill your energy in million ways. There’s a certain level where you can take your business but then customer behaviour is so boring here and if you aim for international market then it’s a long process to get the right support. I never cared about this, I always believed in my ideas because I have already ran business twice in Sweden and I am very bored of the restrictions and other barriers to just arrange a reasonable music event. Rules are to protect lives, not to limit the fun part of lives. I mean first of all Swedes go beyond boundaries to be isolated and alone, and if they gather in parties they end up making a few circle of friends. No one is invited in the circle to dance, you might end up seeing a lot of backs when you are in a Swedish party because somehow they will find a way to make a circle with close friends. And what we end up seeing is a small dance floors with small groups. This is a long story to keep for a night out on open mic sort of event :) . But yes here it is in 2015 I wanted to work on app, I went to many places for support and now I am taking things in my hand and teaching myself app development. I am sure my ideas will be appreciated in the UK and I will be able to assemble a team.

But here’s the link to the abandoned news


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