Content Marketing: Dirty Click Bait On The Internet

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Using a bait thumbnail/screenshot to earn viewer’s click is not something new on the internet, but it’s even more irritating when you see this with blog posts. Youtube is stuffed with bundle of crapy videos with eye catching thumbnails and sometime you just click a link because it looks appealing for a split second. The ‘bait’ to bring engagement is kinda messed up on the internet world and sometimes this sort of practice is also used by big companies, organisations and institutes.

If you notice that’s where you see good and worst use of an ‘image’. Bait posts are nothing different, you get interested on snippet and click on a full link but then you realise, you were misled.

I find it amusing to check these posts sometimes though :) but I recommend to not use this strategy because visit numbers on a post won’t bring you success, it’s the compelling content that will bring you success. If a company or brand can’t hire content producers or managers, then they should avoid doing much on the social side of the internet.

What content marketing strategy matters? how to produce compelling content? How to react to engagements?

Valuable content brings valuable engagements.

These are all questions to be asked when you hit the online world.

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