Thanks! I’m Now Submitting My First Feature Film Project For Support

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Thanks to you who believed in me. I used to be a person who believed in doing things, but lately I’ve become a bit tangled in issues like wealth, age and family. I went off the radar for some, but I stayed in touch with people who are like jewels to me.

Well thank you because now I am going with full force and team to submit my feature film project for funding. Oh yes, I know some of you are well aware of how badly I wanted to tell a story on big screen. I could have gone for post-apocalyptic genre, but I think in this stage of my life…I want to do something wiser.

Well the film is going to be adventure, comedy and drama. There are more details on the website to check and I will share the website very soon.

Ah yeah the name is ‘Ali from Pakistan’, Movie is going to be shot mainly in Sweden and Pakistan.

Once I took my gear and left for location scouting, my personal blog and official website of this film will become very active. I plan to cover everything during our experience on this journey to produce a film with multicultural team and stunning locations.

I would also point at this date, I won’t let any force to change my script in anyway. I have a very long relationship with stupid business of entertainment but I am not going traditional way with this film.

My part in this project in to keep it neat, pure and stunning to watch. I want people to go in cinema with popcorn, and come out with answers, laughs and urge to travel and explore the world.

Well, now it’s all up to the funding process. See you around! Sing up for mailing list if you have not done it yet. Just send me an email at azee@visualcollectors.com and I will add you.

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