GTA V Online, And A Bit About My Production Company

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Domas made a cool friend in GTAV

Not a long time ago I got couple of my friends interested in GTA V online gameplay. Well the time has changed now games like GTA V are made for adults and they are interesting to play, there’s the plot and there’s the arcade feeling of gameplay. The best is to watch around thirty people in the same map of Los Santos, the city that never sleeps :) sometimes you can feel in this Sin City…sinners swirling around, it’s when you go online and hear screams of people running around because some online players just like to terrorise the city. I am more like a fun seekers in this place. I like great graphics and nice cars to drive around and listen the best selection of music on GTA V radio..that’s the time I used to watch some TV series. I and Alfu play GTAV online whenever we get time, sometimes after a long day and sometimes when it is cold and boring outside. The session you get in playing online version is like hanging around with someone on phone for a while but at the same time just do fun things. I play it seriously though because it’s my field of study and interest, I don’t make games but I am an admirer of great audiovisuals and GTAV is like a cinematic experience, it’s far different than any other games where you just keep killing people. There’s always something new happening in this online city, when we get bored they update new missions and run some campaign like some in game sales and some new cars, of course in the game too.

As an entrepreneur I see something very interesting in the way online gaming works and I might have some great ideas to present to a gaming company, I have sent applications to a couple of them but it was in 2008. Now I’m going on a different path to make a feature film. My company Visual Collectors got a new website version now. I do coding and use my design skills to come up with some good ideas but as soon as I will have real footage taken in Sydney, I will update all of my websites.

Here’s a link to my silly Online gameplays 😉 Link

And some of the videos are here. I play it for fun but like to stream just to laugh about it later :) but following links are more like to check graphics and cars.


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