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I’ve been available for employments since April. Close-ones are very concerned about me, my father contacts me regularly to keep me motivated in this hard time of hunting. I’m based in a safe house, thriving in this process of connecting dots.

Yes! being an hunter, you must practice patience and no matte what happens do not forget to take out your majestic Samurai sword and slice the ‘regrets’. I’m very trained now, I’ve got a folder named ‘Chill’ where I throw remaining of these messages. I could filter all regrets to a separate folders but sometime I just like to play Tom and Jerry games with these sort of regrets. I want to pull the curtain up, but not fully…just to peak in and check if the messages are any better than nine years of collection I have in my folder.

This part of the planet provides shelter to so many but we as human being can’t just grow up on a piece of empty land. Human race already uses less than a quarter of the brain, and that part goes on a long hibernation mode here. I meet other hunters, people who used to be one…and people who created opportunities for themselves.

I just wish someone could have stopped me to even visit Sweden, although I had a life changing experience here..I was not aware of the emptiness and ignorance.

Why the story is so different back where I come from? and in a lot of other successful lands? for example in motherland any foreigner have more chances of getting jobs. I know this is a conversation people run away from, it’s not stupid conversation. There’s no concept of you hunting in my country, all you need is to make a few friends and walk in to the companies or people. Culture and family system taught us how to help each other. Free with system, comes opportunity to become wiser too. For example, you can have one hundred conversations during a day, each conversation is a skill point and the more you collect…the more wiser you become. So I can’t stretch this more but no matter where are you from, if you are in my motherland and you need help..I will give you maximum one year. You will have job and a life that is so different but exceptional. You will be wealthy and happy. The things we as a society have in our hands, we provide. Our government on other hand, is a totally different topic.

Sometime when I think about whole employment issue in Sweden it reminds me of the childhood time, when I found out how wrestling matches were fixed. I remember, trying to block my mind from the reality and just continue watching the wrestling. As a kid, it was not a problem. Now it matters.

I recently sent my interest to Lund University for PhD position, the project is about supporting refugee entrepreneurs. If you know me you would say, that’s one hundred percent your type of research. I found so many opportunities like this before and also did research to find out who they hired :) Come Onnnnnnnnnnnnnn 😀

Anyways in front of me is a company profile with punch line ‘multiculturalism’, I feel sorry for that brown guy in middle with smile on face. Free intern, either his parents are still hypnotised to keep him financially supported or he is perhaps working night shifts at one the most abandoned job position. I have so many friends who either are working as intern or have worked as intern. I also recorded a podcast with a friend who is going through his third unpaid position. In the end of the day, there’s always a lot to do in this rapidly changing planet but here we are without opportunities and even a chance to make change for others.

If you want to find my resume, you can find here. I’ve been getting some offers from abroad but so far the luck meter is taking rest.

Hey! Keep it together 😉


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