Link Between Taj Mahal and My Name

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Taj Mahal
The image in this post is royal-tee free image found online, almost all of my personal posts have images I create myself, or photographs I take.  I however, intend to visit Taj Mahal one day.

My first name is indeed inspired by name of the last Mughal King, Aourangzeb. Mughal emperors built Taj Mahal in India and so many other beautiful buildings. Of course they did a lot of other things too but I’m not going to that rabbit hole here. Aurangzeb was son of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal in name of his beloved wife like any other rich person will do, that magnificent building reminds me of the movie 1000BC, I remember when it was in cinema, I heard someone saying ‘there’s no way a dude will go this way back in time machine without a girl being involved’ :). 

Aurangzeb was a bit different from his father though and he built one of the biggest mosque in world called Badshahi Mosque, it’s standing right in city of Lahore, Lahore a city to be in relationship with food and music. I went to Islamabad to visit another biggest mosque, my favourite but poorly managed. It’s called Faisal Mosque. Anyways so my name is hard to pronounce so I shorten it and that’s what my brothers do. Mughals were pretty interesting empire, if you are interested in history then go ahead read about them. Next time I’ll write something about a warrior who used to own tigers and was fearless leader of a great empire.

Well it’s a pity to see a country like Sweden being a bitch when it comes to name bias recruitment. Well if you don’t know then just google a bit, Swedish recruitment system bounce back resumes with foreign names. In beginning I was shocked to get regret emails on weekends, but later my dorm mate (Swede) explained me the jazz. Well during the last year I met four recruiters in different occasions, all met me at a party, dinner or some other informal meeting. All of them suggested me without any hesitation to change my name, one of them even laughed and asked to change it in Svensson. I gave all four of them a lecture, explained them how all of us three brothers share similar names with a proper meaning and history. I can’t change that, my Dad dreamed to have three sons with these names and all the sudden one of them becomes Svensson :) hahahaha what a mechanical logic, only western cyborgs with emptiness will suggest.

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