Miniature Photography: Little Town Stories

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The Departure

Miniature Photography Series: First Episode – Sweden

Well my eyes are gifted for sure, so far I can read a text and look further than my friends and fellows. But when it comes to photography, I don’t have money to upgrade my camera with a proper digital viewfinder. My mind works very fast with spotting a nice frame but I need to upgrade my camera a bit.

I wanted to take some photos of miniature world, because as a kid I used to love miniature tv series and films. Now I will be posting my first episode of this series in form of photo gallery, the goal here is to appreciate the work done by people involved and at the same time use my eyes and imagination to get some creative shots. There’s no retouching on these photos, they are like they were taken at the moment. Thanks for my customised camera. No tripods were involved and absolutely no lights. In the end of every series I will reveal the name of place where you can go and watch these wonderful little world. I will also write a few secret tips to have more fun out of your trip.

I also want to continue this and explore other worlds to bring more episodes for this series. For now, it’s tiny towns from Sweden :)

I will do another blog post once I am finished with uploading all photos in Sweden episode. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to contact me, my email address is easy to find :)

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