Most Anticipated PS4 Games For Me

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I have never pre-ordered a game before, I normally wait for a price drop. One game that I know I’ll pre-order is GTA VI from Rockstar Games. GTAV is unbeatable when it comes to the entertainment value, game graphics and mechanics.

There are many games I would love to play on PS4, but GTAV always stays there for me. I created the character and made his life according to my choices, then there’s whole world with their own character in this virtual city of Los Santos (LA). It’s like creating your own story in the game, I remember when Michael (a character in GTAV) says in the game about violence in the game and then tells his son about the value of cinematic experience. That right there is what I get from this game, a cinematic experience with superb gameplay mechanics and load of free DLC’s with new cars, items and levels. The game was released in 2013 but for me it’s still the best game around.

Well back to what’s coming soon, in pipeline we got Shadow of the Colossus . This game used to be my number one until the consoles changed and it got too old. Now remastered version is going to be a trip to play. The game story is mystery, horror and romantic, its about a true warrior who goes beyond the boundaries of bravery and fight with the high dark powers. I never spoil things up so in short this game got really nice graphics, music and sounds. Enemies are the biggest you will see in any game, they are beautifully crafted by genius designers and concept artists. I was in love with soundtracks and sound effects, graphics and characters just made me think about the rivers of imaginations these creators went through. Main character’s relation with his horse creates perfect emotional experience for players. I need proper vibration for DS4 controller and I need to hear same soundtracks, I’ll play this game again and enjoy then.

Second game I’m waiting for is God of War, simply a game to ease your mind from all the anger :) I see great graphics in the latest gameplay but I stopped believing in these gameplays shown in shows, I have seen many drop-downs after releases. The gameplays on show blow your mind and when game comes to stores, you see downgraded graphics.

God of War is one of those games you can get hooked on, easily…once you crushed some evil force in front of you…you will continue :)

Then of course I’m waiting for The Last of Us Part II and Days Gone along with Metro Exodus.

I’m a guy who started with Atari in 1989 and played every single best game till now. I’m trying to land a job in gaming industry, the only problem is to provide a proof of your capabilities…and unfortunately I wasn’t studying anything related to the gaming industry. However, I’ve been polishing my skills to fit many roles within a gaming company. As an entrepreneur and finance graduate with sniper eye to details, I have plenty to bring in business models and virtual goods for video games. I would love to be interviewed by a company so I can surprise them with my ideas to bring more to this market. I’m also a graphic designer who can bring great concepts and ideas to a firm.

My resume says a lot but only one interview can light up recruiter’s mind with information I’ll provide.

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