Why Pakistan is so proud of their Music

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Why Pakistan is so proud of their Music

Pakistan is a country of Ustads (Music Masters) and people are extra ordinary musical. Pakistanis feel so proud of their music and yes I am also proud of Pakistani Music. The other day my little fun experiment made me laugh so much. So I tried some application to use a 3D globe and point to any city to listen local radios. I went all over the world in my favourite cities to listen what’s up, most of the music playing was just some international music or mainstream sort of collections. But then I jumped to Pakistan and I laughed almost for four minutes on a song that was playing on radio in Lahore, radio was playing classical Pakistani song without any influence from what’s up in the world. Music was so amusing with meaningful lyrics, rich vocal delivery and damn good sounding instruments. Pakistani music by no mean can be compared to any other sort of music. Instruments originated from these lands and people mastered them, then passed their talents to next generations. Pakistani songs are more poetic and rich in lyrics, maybe because we have a long history of having amazing poets and philosophers.

I have travelled and listened to music all of my life. I started from age of five and I never stopped exploring great music but Pakistani music, man oh man, that’s something coming from very top levels. Pakistani Ustads (Masters) have this promise to pass their artistic skills to their next generation. If you listen to music from Pakistan I can guarantee you to have trips, but only the one who understand the work of masters can praise it.

I would love to promote Pakistani music in Sweden and possibly all around the Europe but here people are stuck in something else. Music can be so terrible, I know now after coming to Europe. But of course there’s a lot of good stuff but still far from what I would die to listen.

I don’t really know who these guys are, but they did a very good job to review some of the requested songs. Coke Studio is one of the best show in Pakistan to represent our talented musicians, it is available to watch on youtube with subtitles. Try something different one day and listen to this stuff.

Upcoming season of Coke Studio is going in hands of new producers, I know Ali Hamza from the time he started in Noori. I am a fan of both brothers in Noori band. With this I am keen to listen the touch of Rock within productions but the necessity of classical music and culture should be deeply present because that’s something we are the best to bring.

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