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I’m from South and then I’m from West :), of the world. I’m travelling a lot and now I’m again on the map. Eid is pretty nice event, we have three of them and we decorate our houses with lights and celebrate in our own ways. I’ve been watching the beauty and stories all over me but life in Pakistan runs like a tired horse runs towards home. People are competitive, they talk a lot and debate the hell out of you.

Sweden is the quietest place I’ve been to, public transports are like a ‘silent punishment hour’ in junior school. There’s so much to say when I compare the west and south. I better not, because I’m the one who tried to integrate myself to maximum levels :)

I sometimes think how I keep my digital possessions with me all the time, most of all my modified DLSR with a few lenses. My phone and laptop are must, but my pc (in parts) goes with me to few places. All of these things are with me for creative use and while I’m in Pakistan, I need none of them until everyone sleeps, then I use my laptop. Lahore, is sooo off the grid :) of course there’s a lot going on the internet but what goes off the grid is kinda too good to be poisoned by internet world. Big families, big houses, big laughs, big meals, big hearts…this is experience where you need to be present and ready to gain some.

My motherland Pakistan suffered a lot, people have become sick and tired by old politicians and crappy system. All I hear about politics are words of frustration, depression and despair. People are dope though, land is fascinating and culture will blow your mind. There are thousands of ways to entertain a soul and here you will find so much to be entertained.

My siblings and friends abroad don’t try that, I mean a lot of them did not try to integrate. They adjust themselves and made a family to create their own world. I in other hand, I tried to integrate but was not welcomed. Now my travel will continue and I’ll be back in Sweden where my relationship with ‘Home’ is rebellion. I believe there’s a huge problem within recruitment process in Sweden and I have to fight with it. It’s all about presentation here, and I need to update my portfolio to a great one. I am keen for UX and Graphic Designer Lead jobs, or any job within creative fields.

My travel updates will come right after I’ll be on my desk. I’m developing many entrepreneurial ideas along the way to be ready in case I give up on this fight with biased recruitment system in EU. I refuse to be settled with a blue collar job, I educated myself from institutes in Sweden and worked/paid taxes for years, now with my Swedish citizenship I need an equal opportunity.

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