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In this ‘modern times’ when AI is taking solid baby-steps to make a big impact on human evolution, I have a lot to say but let’s keep it simple. I started with one of the first Nokia mobile phone and slowly witnessed the whole world changing gradually as we started using our eyes more than our ears. Now we are worried about cameras, design, iOS, etc. During this transition I can see what is still missing from the equation to make things more ‘better’ with smart phones. I used “:)” because I believe this extension to our brain is nice but we should not rely on it too much. I have gone through Pentium II times to a time when a big part of our knowledge base relies on the internet, encyclopedia used to be on six compact discs once upon a time and today we can use smart devices to ask questions and get instant reply. Before that don’t even ask :) because it was too much time consuming process to check 32 book set.

So my speech is not against the technological advancements but against the over use of it. We are tribal and a big part of our lives should be tribal. Just like any other addiction, we get dopamine brain cells shining through the brain when researcher examined some of the impacts of the internet usage. Dopamine is the chemical in your brain that affects your emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and pain. I am a storyteller myself and I believe in talking about possibilities. I don’t credit myself to be talking about smart phone way back before any smart phone existed, but I remember my funny drawings of a smart phone screen that had only one button placed in bottom middle of a small plastic transparent screen. I used to talk these things with people and till today they respect me of my crazy imaginations :) but this just a coincidence and I believe, perhaps a million of people imagined the same or even more better future.

When I start learning about the internet, AI and technology I slowly realised that some things are nothing but like a poison coming out of these small smart devices. It’s just the balance of how much we need to rely on a device that scares me.

Okay let’s go to positive sides now. If things work towards the right direction then our jobs will become easier in future and we will have more time to relax in our lives, plus we will enjoy a better life on this planet. Now the smartphones are getting amazing when it comes to design and features but I really don’t like rounded corners of any smartphone, I would like to see sharp edge or even something that is designed like a Lamborghini :). I mean how long we will have a hand-sized portrait square design rollin?. Companies went nuts with sleek and fits-all sort of designing. I have had a terrible experience with Oneplus smart phone and that’s the last time I tried to look in to something new. Their phone won’t get Wifi anywhere, I got a replacement with same problem. I had a bunch of people in contact to resolve the problem and a three month or maybe more timeline to be without phone. This was very bad experience in believing something revolutionary (what I thought then). Google pixel phones are very nice and I once tried squeeze feature at a friend’s place, it was interesting to have a new move to do with your smartphone. I remember I used to have an application to tap the phone and make it silent but that’s a very old story now. Google pixel 2xl was designed by LG so that’s so far a promising smartphone out there. Google assistant is getting better with new updates so let’s see where that goes.

My brother got a Samsung Galaxy 9S which so far is the most stylish smart phone I saw from a long time. Super nice screen and wonderful features along with camera. But the screen broke down and he had to pay a hefty price for the screen.

So what should we consider before getting a good smart phone is now going down to battery replacement costs and screen replacement costs. Machine is working fine but battery costs along with battery life is a slow process within smart phone innovation. Also why screens are breaking so easily is a question to ask when very high quality glass exists in this world. I really like LG screens, I had a tv and smart phone from LG with superb quality. LG smartphone is still with me and the phone have gone through some serious adventures but never broke my trust in the quality. The screen is so solid, no wonder why Apple used to get screens for iPhones from LG. And also LG and Apple are going through a new partnership I think, or perhaps thinking about it (Source). So I think the design of smart phone could be improved by introducing personalisations and other features, screen needs to improve a lot and batteries are also a big part of the deal. So with innovative ideas and research I believe we will get to a point where things we become pretty easy, but at the same time…we need to surrender our addiction to what we get from machines and look what sort of world is around us. We need to stay tribal and spread peace along with a shared life experience on this planet.

  • Button, ornamental: Buttons—made from seashell—were used in the Indus Valley Civilization for ornamental purposes by 2000 BCE.[1] Some buttons were carved into geometric shapes and had holes pieced into them so that they could attached to clothing by using a thread.[1] Ian McNeil (1990) holds that: “The button, in fact, was originally used more as an ornament than as a fastening, the earliest known being found at Mohenjo-daro in the Indus Valley. It is made of a curved shell and about 5000 years old.”[2]945a960c6e7f7e29b67dd940ea214c0e

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