How Make-up Artists, Costume Designers and Concept Artists Bring Spark of Creativity in Films

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Some Of My Favourite Work in Entertainment Industry

Amazing director and writer who’s name is behind movies like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy Guillermo del Toro. The special effect team and makeup artists behind these two movies earn a lot of respect from me and people like me who are interested in creative ways of presenting non fictional world with non fictional characters. To be honest fictional characters and stories are original but sometimes they are boring. I like to see creatures beyond my imagination and places that look like nightmarish. It’s not necessary to be horror and terror involved, it can be a simple story from Tom Clancy or some writer who are up to date with predictions about tomorrow. Anyway I will share some work here. Remember the concept artist is the biggest hero in film making, that is the guy who first reach a land and leave seeds there, then make up artists, visual effect artists, prop and costume designers and all other heroes take concept artist’s mission and add more elements to it.

Hellboy’s creature concept artist was Sergio Sandoval. More photos here.


Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth.



Near the end of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, when the team reaches the ruins of Bethmora, Lizand Hellboy are led by some lone goblin into a chamber where they meet some other creature who lives there. This creature was created in the movie so it was not part of the concepts from original Hellboy, this article have some details. There are some more photos from incredible make up artist Hiroshi Yada. Here’s a post with more details.  This Angle of Death creature concept came from the Director Guillermo. Source





Art of Hellboy II – Cathedral Head


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