Spotify, what could be improved?

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Well I like to explain things in a bit less complicated way. Most of my friends and people around me who spend regularly on ‘Spotify membership’ are working, or are in a good economic situation. And we have a big group of musicians who make music and they are struggling to even make a living. The means of distributing music are so up to date and I salute to that, but companies like Spotify don’t try to do something innovative to help artists.

I can give ten ideas to improve musicians life and at the same time make Spotify more powerful as a brand, but I am just going to ignore and walk away. Ignorance is the best thing I learnt living for ten years in Sweden. My apologies, but my researching skills improved with education here in finance and entrepreneurship so I started to see things to improve more often. I also communicate music with people and I have seen what group of people run away from Spotify and why? , what group pays or use Spotify and why?. Most of all, I can’t help to think what can be improved because I use Spotify web player and like it for the freedom of not having forced shuffle on. But I collect music and introduce to people, and most often I am so mad on Spotify for not innovating. Just do a win-win job and bring new ideas, there’s a lot to be done to spread music and help musicians.

Spotify pays very less to artists and that’s something we all know, file size is small to download or share music and we all know that too. The Value of a song dropped a long time ago when file size got smaller and exposed to everyone, easy to access and always available. A lot of musicians are angry on streaming services but we all knew where it was going. Youtube is there to listen as well and then a lot more sources right in front. But from my point of view, Spotify can do a lot of work to create projects that can lead to benefit both for musicians and business.

I don’t buy a membership because I can’t afford it, if you can then please buy one. But one day someone with better objectives will come and make some changes for good. I wish a bright future for people who make music. Whether it’s music from deserts or lands unknown to me, I enjoy listening music and most of my collection was found from people, from streets and from travels. Discovery feature is nice on Spotify but music is within people.

My friends will play something, my brother will volume up on something, or something I would listen in someone’s car :) and then there’s music I listen just because of production, mood boost or talent. I also listen music when I am alone but most of the exploring happens with socialization and travel.

This is a bit of unusual blog post from me but I am interested in business models. I will try to write more blog posts in future and perhaps post more photos. If you don’t follow me on instagram, then you miss my stories :) also check me out on 500px and Linkedin. All links are above with icons.

Peace and Love Yaaro

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