Storytelling at its best: Narcos Season 2

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Season 2 and the storytelling keeps getting better and better. Damn good stuff…just like reading a mind troubling novel that does not let you sleep…but it’s cold outside and you are curious πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ™

It reminds me of those cozy nights next to heater when I used to cover myself with blanket and sit with family , we will talk and read books. In my city where I grew up, more than half of the years it’s warm weather and by warm I mean easily 40, so there are few cozy nights and they have to be good 😊

So we will have fun things to do in home during winter and summer we will spend outside house. My dad will every now and then get angry because of us kids staying outside in playgrounds too long. Here in Sweden life is a bit too robotic, people either work or go out to clubs to look for hunt. We are kinda tamed by Swedish system that is made for old folks. Not a lot of entertainment, I tried to arrange music festival but I found no one hungry to create fun things because everyone is enjoying independence and money so much that they forget we have to do fun things too. There’s simply not enough to do here and I have not lived in other cities but I can clearly understand and decide if I want to live in this country or not. I am wasting myself here, I need to get out to a better place where opportunities are given on equal bases. Still I feel my soul is Spanish.


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