The Struggle of Indie Music Producers and Film Makers – Updates about my upcoming work

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I’m kinda regretting to write this blog post right now because I had to pause my DAW. I thank you all for supporting me, I know ‘likes’, ‘thumbs ups’ and kind words are today’s luxury. It’s so easy to just tap ‘Like’ but still a lot of people don’t understand the power of ‘Like’ on social media for struggling artists like us. It does not matter how you supported me, I’ll always remember you.

Before I start discussion about The Struggle, I will briefly go through my current status. I have released one Single before (Planet Zero) with two tracks but after that I did not produced anything new because I want the next album to be original and solid. So my learning process is on a phase where I see myself doing so much more better stuff than before. So if you are interested about my work then scroll down until you see Project Brief.

Artist and Money Relationship: 

We do some weird silly things to earn notes that helps us keep breathing, don’t we?. As soon as money jumps in to a musician’s mind like me, we thin about making what is ‘current’. Whether it is EDM music or any other genre, we can very easily say goodbye to our originality. I know if I want to get ‘fit’ in today’s ‘music scene’ I need to make some house track with nasty bass, one synth piece with some pads and put some words like ‘Shake that booty’ or ‘Put your hands in the air’. etc. But no sir I refuse to do that. Even if I will make a song for the dance floor, you will find proper melody, music and lyrics in there (thanks to Alfu Fye for amazing lyrics).

So we are really in need of money, most of us are working day time and have very little time to spend on music. Why students who go to study abroad can get grants to study same old boring industrialized courses and musicians and other artists don’t have access to any of that. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many great musicians and film makers out there who are still maintaining to make money and staying original but how do you know what is their originality?.

What can we do to support artists?

Firstly, whenever you have a conversation with someone who is trying to put out his/her work out in market. Try to talk with them to keep them motivated, tell them you watched their work, tell them you bought their work, tell them your friend like this work…..there’s a lot to say. For me, my work is like my child, if you talk about it I will be happy. Secondly, don’t be a lazy and ignorant bastard to not like the posts on social media, for you it means nothing, but for artist it means a lot. Let me explain a bit more, when you like or engage with someone’s post (artist) you show an affection that will be seen by people who can support that artist, and those people are mostly all about money so they will think about their interest and see artist as an investment. Now if it’s me talking very optimistically then as a producer you might find other great collaborators to work with or someone who just want to support you to create amazing work out there.

What artists have to face?Screenshot 2015-05-09 17.22.27.png

Image, You can search ‘EDM MIX’ in youtube and all you will find is collection of videos with each one of them presenting women’s image and body to get views and plays. A big ratio of music videos being released are about some pretty women walking on beach on fooling around in bedroom. So once you say I’m a EDM producer, you are already given a face. The change this face needs is something I want to be part of and I will keep trying.

Work, well people ask what do you do, if you are a producer then most probably that means you are not making any money at the moment so the meaning around word ‘Work’ is so complicated and hard to explain. So when someone mentions to be a producer, respect them the same as you would respect a lawyer, doctor or engineer on work.

Friends and Family, I’m honoured to have some great friends but as soon as you tell people you are going to be a producer or film maker you see jealousy appearing on their faces either in a sentence ‘Man, I don’t know’ or just a social media ‘body language’. I have 10% of my social media friends who have liked my stuff but almost everyone have seen my work and most of the time I listen from a third person about someone liking my work, someone I know very well.

Family try to support you but of course they ask strange questions here and there and most of them have to do something with cash.

Project Brief – Music: Standing firm on my feet as an entrepreneur, music producer and film maker I have The 2Morrow plan. It’s simple, I have album coming over that will have six tracks. All tracks are fusions, fusions of different genres. So for example I have as song with Jazz-Hiphop-Electro feel and then I have a track where I break the rules of Dubstep and make a fusion of Glithc-House-Rock and Drum n Bass. So far, I have six tracks in this upcoming album. Alfu Fye (Rapper and Song Writer) wrote and featured four tracks in this album. Like my brother, he is supporting me, giving my music a voice and wisdom. I created our artistic relationship on very simple gound of rules, no swearing, wise and intelligent writing, rapping with soul and passion. Trust me! I did not have to work on rules at all because we both were already on the same ground. Hey we are not going to talk about cars, money and all other things that only matters in few people’s life but we will talk about things that are daring to talk about and talking about it can change something.

Three of the songs are meant to be played on music events and parties. All three are purely for clubs but two of them are carefully targeted to the audience I want to reach to. People who are in to vintage/electro fusions and people who are willing to listen next level stuff, the music that is so strange but something that will make you feel powerful on dance floor. I have seen people raising their hands when the beat drops, the beat I was playing for them. So I’m a person who’s be observing things from DJ Booth.

All of the songs have something in common ‘Bizarre Ideas’.

Music Videos: Soon I’m flying to Russia for two music video shoots, why Russia? because I have some pretty well relations there and access to the stuff that is ridiculously expensive to rent in Sweden. I could not find basic stuff in Sweden so how I can achieve amazing quality. Concepts are pretty simple, everything top-notch. I need to rent a camera? I will rent RED or ARRI, I need to hire a lighting expert, I will find the best. My goal is to make these videos 4k in resolution and some pretty new concepts of camera angels. After these two videos I will be starting a Kickstarter for ten minutes short and music video about Singularity. This is going to be my biggest project to prove my skills not for film and music but also for film score. All editing, coloring, VFX and other post-production stuff is something I do myself so I know what to get from where, I just need to hire right people to work and need money to hire them.

The big Questions: Money

I don’t have a label at the moment, I want to release this album and my goal is to find a label later on but if I received a great offer I will think about it. People who know me from a long time asked me already but I could not take their offer because of some personal reasons. Currently I work night-shifts with some blue collar work. I very recently applied for Spotify but I do not apply for jobs more often because I want to stay focussed on my album at the moment. Spotify did not even bother to reply me even after one month of waiting, I wrote them several times and they told me to contact them on tweeter :). I’ll do a blog post about my whole experience with this job application, effort and time I took to write it and what I offered them.

Well things are very difficult for me, a lot of money is needed to achieve great results when we talk about business and I for sure don’t have that kind of money. I also need a manager to take over a lot of stuff that I’m not suppose to touch during music making process and also to contact events and get gigs. Well I know my upcoming album will bring us to events but a manager or company is the right way to approach events. I’ve got three masters degrees in business and I will say ‘business and music can’t be combined’. This is a discussion for some other time though.

So I’m spending money that I earn from a blue collar job that requires me to wake up during the mid night and go to work outside in snow and rain. I’m spending that money for my work to be out there. I created an entire music video in my bedroom to prove my skills without any outside help and I will prove now what I can do with proper crew and team. If you invest anything in me whether it is money or just your interest and appreciation, I’ll pay you back because I’m not a dreamer, I do things. You will get some quality music and visuals or if you invested money then you will get profit.

If you want to reach me for any ideas you can write me on azee@thisisa2z.com


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