My Day at My Real Work: Two Sleepless Nights to Shoot two 4k Music Videos

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These are direct video Screenshots from music video, not photos :)

Due to some reasons I only had two days to shoot two music videos, I took care of all of the production and took Alfu with me on this killing spree. To shoot two music videos in this short time period. We were travelling across the cities with bags that were so heavy, so heavy that they gave bruises to our hands. Suddenly, public transport was like a disaster for us, carrying these bags around broke my back and neck. My whole body was in this defence mood I get when I’m working on something I love and this was one of the most exciting time in my life.IMG_5166a

Right now my life is full of problems, I need to get a proper job very soon and leave my night time work. You know :) I got three Masters Degrees Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship but somehow I could never fit in working life :) . I need to get a driving license in Sweden and fix somethings about apartment. I need to start taking gigs for other music videos, films, portfolio or weddings. At the same time I’m going to visit my motherland because my mother won’t stop crying over that phone and my family miss me a lot. I have not been to home from 6 years so my family is dying to see me. I was like the white sheep of the family 😉 so people miss me.

For trip to home I have spent a lot of money and now on video my little bit of savings are being spent. I have no idea where life is going to take me but one of the most important thing is that I don’t want to be that guy who will regret about not following the dreams in his mid life crises. I want to be a film maker and I will make a film one day but for now I’m in urgent need of cash so I might be hitting the road with one of the most boring jobs just to get some money.

When I work I work all by myself, to save money and to keep ideas straight. All of my videos are produced, directed, edited by me. Also all the other things goes around a video production is done by me too. I wish I had money to afford a crew but for now I am working as whole crew.

I can’t reveal everything now but I’m so happy in my life right now because no matter what happened during these two days, I and Alfu were super happy and excited about what we are achieving. It was that sort of trip that we will never forget in our lives. A lovely and awesome couple from Goteborg hosted us and helped us with their horse. I will write more about this project after releasing the video:)

This is just an exciting post :)




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