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So once again I am checking the video I shot a while ago, shooting was held in a Viking village that offered me place in return of a price. We also went to Goteborg and shot some scenes there. For me, this production was like a freestyle production, that’s what happens when you spend money from pocket. I could not reach the goal but I am pretty sure I will slice this video with my mouse and edit it to the best. I am not working on the video now a days, my focus is to find opportunities or create opportunities for myself and for my next generation. Oh yeah and I want to use some glitch transition in this video since it’s a hip-hop meets world music kinda song.

Screenshot 2017-07-12 03.55.56

Screenshot from editing

For this video I want to have a bit of dark feeling, because this goes back to my first DIY video Planet Zero, this video is going to be edited when I find the soul of it. And to be honest, I need some more scenes, I will try to find out a way to shoot it for free or create CGI.



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