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BBC articles states “The British broadcaster plans to bring audiences live coverage of all 33 BBC matches from Russia through a free app, BBC Sport VR — FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, which will be available for Apple (iOS 10 and above), Android (Android 5 and above), Gear VR, Oculus Go and PlayStation VR. With the supported VR systems, viewers could find themselves inside a virtual luxury private box in the stadium, with access to the live matches as well as game stats that pop up from a virtual coffee table. They also could switch their view and choose one behind either one of the goals.”

Pretty nice idea but I remember how a long time ago I was talking about a video game that could be played with VR and no wonder how fast is innovation going in these times to already have some playable video game that requires you to wear some shoes and get in to the VR environment to play. I am sure the characters will look really creepy for now but with time things will improve.

During Mobile World Congress tech show in Barcelona a new innovation was brought.  According to TheSun “The experience makes use of the award-winning HTC Vive VR headset to replicate a virtual version of a grass pitch. Then, players are kitted out with football boots and shin-pads that feature strapped-on motion trackers. The result is a millimetre-accurate football simulation that lets you kick and control a virtual ball with your foot in real-time.”

There’s a full video of VR updates at TheSun article.

It’s clear that sports whether it’s video games or reality, can become super fun to interact with if introduced with VR magic. A referee’s eye can carry a 360 Camera to show some pretty nice view but this is a bit far for now. What I would love to see is the experience of interacting with great looking environments in video games and perhaps explore the wonder of 3d world through VR headset. The characters are already made in 3D and with just a few more gadgets and improvements this experience can be great. I mean to be honest all the VR headset are really a set, they are bulky and huge. And how about that wire around you, can’t we throw some kicks? I am hoping to see some price drops and new players in market, also Sony can bring great stuff so I have my finger crossed for that. I would love to enjoy Resident Evil or open world games with VR headset but at the moment I am just waiting for the right time to get PS VR headset. But I won’t spend more than an hour with this weight on my head along with eyes constantly focusing on pixels.

In the end of the day, it’s all about the entertainment value and I already am a big fan of the value VR and 360 videos are bringing in.

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