What I think Of Bollywood Nowadays

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Yeah the screenshot is from movie Padmavati (2018), I am loving how these actors are working with set and clothing. I have not seen it yet, and it might be a total disaster.

I grew up watching Bollywood movies and I also kept watching Hollywood and small movies from other countries. Bollywood is good in what they do but there’s so much to be improved in storytelling, especially with VFX and production design. I don’t count myself in to the hustle these people go through to make big budget movies. I have not tested some grounds as an indie videographer, but I am a consumer with good skills to find out a shit load of bullshit in Bollywood movies. I am sorry, I am a big fan of Bollywood but sometimes a great adventurous story can seems like a comedy when you see, that’s how I view films. I laughed on Baahubali so much but I enjoyed it as a comedy. Story was dope and some parts of production was also dope but a shot can be fantastic with less effort but film makers go nuts with what they have and make it way out of standards. This movie gave me laugh jumps and I loved it like I love some great standup comedian from India but I its really good entertainment. My friend from Lahore asked me to watch it, he was blown away by story and did not care about graphics and minor production errors. I watched and could not stop laughing on these errors, for some in fantasy genre everything is possible. But law of physics and some other things are nice if you adopt in to fantasy.

I also love some of the Bollywood movies, they are mostly not mainstream stuff and some of them are in playlist I have here under the menu. But I don’t add a lot of Bollywood movies in my list because I watch them in bulk when I want to get a lot of laughs from comedy, dialogues are perfect and storytelling is great with some great comedies. But fantasy and action suffer from some unusual but easy to see errors. Overall Bollywood should stick to more realistic comedy stories with more culture and traditions and stay away from VFX. There’s so much to be shown from beautiful south Asia you know. Also where’s the group who thinks out of the box and go a bit away from romance genre?. But anyways, a big fan of Bollywood here but maybe I should write critics with clear explanations to my ideas. But who’s going to pay me for my time? No one :)

I would love to explain with screenshots but don’t have time for that either. Also the tv series in our countries need to give men a bit more normal cloths, not everyone should be stuck like a sausage in tight shirts. And why the music and sound is so terrible in these tv series and all plots are about politics whether in home our outside.

Once again there are some great Bollywood movies out there, the latest one I liked was Newton.

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