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25 January 2017

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Do not miss upcoming Tinariwen and Bombino Shows.

Tinariwen (1)

  Let’s say like a lot of my other decade long projects I wanted to bring foreigner artists to Sweden […]

22 April 2016

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Artist Share: Concept Artist Are The Greatest Innovators of Our Times- Jakub Różalski from Poland Paints his Thoughts

I would like to introduce Gunter's personal mech - Brunhilde smiley 
Gunter with his wolves, Nacht & Tag, with a ‘friendly’ visit an old friend,

Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big. Peter Diamandis Well, well, well….what we got here? You are […]

29 November 2015

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Artist Share: Tangled Art by CHIHARU SHIOTA


I don’t remember when last years I saw somewhere an image from artist Chiharu Shiota, right now the name of […]

04 November 2015

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Artist Share: Epic Photography by Benjamin Von Wong


Let’s keep it simple, Benjamin Von is one of those who take a good amount of time before snapping a […]

01 October 2015

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World Music Scouting with A2Z: Zaz from France (Jazz, Chanson)


I discovered Zaz back in 2009. I don’t remember how but I remember watching her live performance in the box. […]

24 September 2015

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Artist Share: Mimo Karcocha,  an exceptional Street Mime Clown

maxresdefault (2)

It was one of those days when I was so tired to invest my time in anything other than some […]

13 August 2015

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If you would like to watch some of the greatest worldwide Urban/Street dance performances then don’t miss this post.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 20.20.57.png

I’m a big fan of the things that we humans share all around the world, music, dance and a lot […]

29 July 2015

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Artist Share: From spilled food to art by Giulia Bernardelli


I found this interesting post few days ago. I’ll try this with my coffee next time most probably I’ll end […]

05 July 2015

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Artist Share: Half over half underwater images by photographer Matty Smith


The other day I went deep in to some documentaries about unexplored underwater territories and some extra ordinary creatures living far from […]

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