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Visionary Entrepreneur | Graphic & UX/UI Designer | Videographer | Event Organiser | Marketing

Expert | Music Producer


About Me: I started drawing when I was 6, at 12 I was creating and selling comic books to my class fellows in school. Then I went for business school and spent eight years with that. I’m a creative and digital savvy person with a strong background in Marketing / Sales / Business. Also a freelance music/video producer, graphic designer and award winning entrepreneur based in Sweden.

A storyteller, that’s what I wanted to be..and I started my journey. Having elevated the performance and profitability of diverse organizations through expert alignment of innovative Interactive audiovisual design & creative strategies, I possess 17 years of​ ​experience​ ​in​ ​creative​ ​development/leadership​ ​of​ ​projects and campaigns.

I keep myself up to date with latest trends in internet market, anything that is related to tech interests me. I hunt news about gadgets, apps, software, tech, social media almost everyday. I check apps and top website designs coming from talented artists. I talk innovation and UI design

Hands-on experience and job experience.

  • 8 Years of Higher Education in Business Studies: Bachelor’s in Commerce Masters in Finance (Skovde University, Sweden), Masters in Entrepreneurship (Lund University, Sweden) , Diploma in Multimedia. For full list of courses check my resume at Linkedin
  • 12 Years of Job Experience: Tech Expert, Marketing & Sales Executive / Warehouse Associate, Marketing and Advertising Manager, Creative Director, Founder Event Management organisation, Digital Marketing, Indie Music Producer, Film Maker and Graphic Designer, Freelance 
  • 17 years of Hands on Experience: Graphic Designing,  Video/Audio Editing, Expert Level in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Elements, After Effects etc.), Marketing, CGI Production, Media Design, Film Production, Aerial Filming, SEO, Website development and design, Facebook ads, AdWords, MailChimp, WordPress, Print Media, Basic level HTML, PHP, Sound Engineer For Events, Colour Grading, 3D Graphic Design, Background Music, 5.1 and 7.1 Sound Design


  • I’m a member of Film Association in Sweden so I have access to great equipment and resources for projects with a good budget
  • I have access to thousands of models, cast and crew from Sweden and other countries
  • I can assemble a team or work in a team for any sort of creative project
  • I’m flexible to travel anywhere for projects
  • Free consultation for clients

Looking for work: Entrepreneur In House, Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Vide Game Sound Producer, Soundtrack Producer, Photographer and Re-Toucher, Director, Music and Film Producer, Video Editor, Color Grader, Music Mixing, Background Music, Film Music, Game Music, Graphic Designer, CGI Producer, Crowdfunding Video Producer, Web and TV Commercial Producer, Tech/Entertainment Product Reviewer or Tester, DJ Corporate Events and Clubs, Social Media Manager, Product Photography, VR Content Producer, Audio Restoration, Aerial-Film Producer, Website Hosting, SEO and UX/UI

I can travel to any city for work and I’m available to meet clients in Lund, Malmo and Copenhagen.

If you are a Model, Artist or Musician please drop me a line, I’m looking for talent

Here’s a link to my resume on Linkedin : Link

Here are some of my Photographs: Link

You can click on top left menu to find links to my portfolio and previous works. Feel free to contact me azee(at)thisisa2z.com



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