23 November 2016

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Love the Jazz of creating online character in GTA V – My New Character


Here’s my new male character. I wanted him to look silent but professional assassin :). Hair, tattoos and all the […]

02 August 2016

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Have you checked my favourite photos on 500px?


On top there’s a new 500px Icon.

31 July 2016

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Last Minute Graphic Design Work

Machine's Unleashed Art

So I got a cover art from concept artist name¬†Damien. The cover art was created on the concept I had […]

19 June 2016

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Finally Completing my Album and Producing two new music videos


Time has come today….it’s the time to create this folder with Album name and export some tracks there. I’ve got […]

30 December 2015

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Qoute: Louis Armstrong – About Muscian

louis armstrong a2z

Louis Armstrong Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer who was […]

05 December 2015

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Some Interesting Movies, Documentaries and TV Shows

This list will be updated continuously. I am not putting them in any order but you can check if I […]

31 October 2015

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From Diary: Who am I? and why I use ‘A2Z’ as my artist name?

Playing Guitar with Bloodborne turned on, Playstation controller is right in front of camera, showing that light...

This story goes back in the days when I was about six, I remember whenever I was concious I will […]

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